Terms of use

Poshpooza hereby is termed as company whereas prospective Bride / Groom is termed as Member.

1. Company is just to introduce Boys / Girls who wish to get Married.

2. Particulars of a Member displayed on website are truly based on those given by Members himself / herself or parents, guardians etc.so no responsibility will be taken by Company for any possible incorrectness or results thereof.

3. Company reserves right to reject Members Registration Form or strike off the Member from Database,without giving any reason to safeguard the integrity and reputation of Company and its Members.

4. The Delhi courts will only have the jurisdiction to settle all disputes.

5. Company reserves right to change / amend Terms and Conditions without notice.

6. Members should inform Company when the Marriage between them is settled.

7. Members should keep updating profile if any changes in Telephone, Address etc.

8. Company does not guarantee any response to Member after they get Registered.

9. The Member / his or her representative shall have the right to verify the credentials/facts of the proposed candidate.

10. The registration form has to be complete in order to proceed further.

11. It is the duty of the concerned persons to make sure that the eligible applicant have attained the age of majority at the time of their marriage.

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