About Us

Poshpooza as Ritual

A Ritual in Kashmiri Pandit Marriage where flowers are showered alongwith chanting of holy mantras on Couple by Parents, Relatives etc.with this ritual the Marriage is solemnised.

Why Poshpooza.com?

This is a big question, but we have very simple answer to it.Apart from various other reasons like, 24x7 Support , anywhere access, Poshpooza.com is handled by a team of Kashmiri Pandits and is exclusively meant for Kashmiri Pandit Community.

Aim of Poshpooza.com?

As the Saying goes "Marriages are made in heaven and solemnised on Earth ", but in spite of this saying everybody looks out for a right life partner on attaining marriageable age. In olden days Middle Man (Usually called as Manzimyor in Kashmiri) used to come and suggest the suitable Boys or Girls. Today as all of us know our ( Kashmiri Pandit's ) community is scattered in each and every part of India, as well as some of us are living overseas, which has resulted in communication gap amongst us. This communication gap is the main factor of difficulty which our community is presently facing for finding the right match for our Boys or Girls. So here we have come up with POSHPOOZA.online Matchmaking agency exclusively for.Kashmiri Pandit Community, which helps parents to fill this communication gap by providing suitable match for their Boys or Girls.